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Why do you list discontinued items?

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There are two main reasons why we continue to show discontinued items on the online lolly store.

The first reason is to inform our customers of the current status of a product. We like to advise our customers of what products have been discontinued to avoid the hassle of you continuously looking for a product that has finished and leading you on 'wild goose chase' - Only swap 'goose' for 'lolly' and you get the idea. 

The second reason is because on many occasions the manufacturer decides to re-start production on a discontinued item, perhaps just "For a limited time only", but it once again becomes available for purchase. Leaving discontinued products on our website means our customers can look out for stock and/or status updates and still place their email address in our restock reminder facility for future notification if it becomes available.
We try to list the discontinued items as clearly as possible in order to avoid confusion and do this by listing them its own category, and placing  the word 'discontinued' against the items current availability status.

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