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How long does it take to dispatch my order?

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We aim to pack and ship your purchase as promptly as possible, this will typically be inside of 1 or 3 working days of your order payment (and express post orders get absolute priority), but this can be slightly longer during peak periods and when stock availability affects the order. So please treat it as a rule of thumb, rather than a guarantee.

With this in mind please let us know if you have a time constraint around your order.

We have well over 4000 products available for you to choose from. We have pallets of stock coming and going every single day so stock levels are very dynamic. At any one time, with some products, we might hold thousands of units, and with others, we might only have 5 or 10 in stock. We pride ourselves in constantly measuring product sales averages to keep our stock with the best shelf life and highest availability to avoid order delays. Sometimes we might take a day or two to get additional stock in to fill orders, but if it is going to be longer we will contact you and do our best to work with you on any delays.
Our packing staff go as fast as they can packing, literally, thousands of boxes each month. As you might expect, this is not evenly spread out and some days (Like Mondays) are flat out catching up on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday's orders. So some days are much busier than others and, we scale the hours and number of packing staff accordingly, largely with great result.

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