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What will the Best Before Date be on my products ?

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Almost all confectionery products are "Best Before dd/mm/yyyy" (Which means they can indefinitely be safely consumed but the colours, taste, texture, shape, etc will be "Best before" the date shown. This is very different to products (eg. Meat and Dairy) that show "Use By" and "Expiry" dates and are potentially unsafe to consume after the listed date) - All these dates are often collectively referred to as shelf life.

The average time that a product sits in our warehouse is around one to two weeks - Some products even go out the day we receive them! 

Therefore the real things to consider around the Best Before date comes down to two main factors, 1) The amount of time remaining when the product arrived at our warehouse and 2) The typical shelf life of the product/packaging type.

We typically buy stock direct from the importer or manufacturer - so the products we receive often have very close to their full shelf life. As you might expect products imported from overseas, especially the US often have shorter best before time remaining by the time they have arrived at our warehouse - It's not uncommon (and perfectly normal) to have US products with a remaining best before of two or three months.

Different types of confectionery have different best before dates. For example, rock candy may often have a best before date around one to two years from manufacture, whereas chocolate is often around six months and bagged fairy floss is three months.

If you are concerned about the best before date you might receive, please contact us before purchasing so we can give you an indication of the shelf life to expect.

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